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Angela Savarese
Angela Savarese
Fantastic service for a very competitive price. We called All City Sewer Repair for a second opinion on some repair work on our sewer main. David came out right away, checked out the line himself with his camera before talking us through options, and offered invaluable information on conversations we needed to have with our sewer provider before deciding on any work. We had received bids from other contractors for the same issue and no one else had informed us about the requirements from our sewer provider. Eventually, the sewer provider approved the work, and everything went great. David was very patient through the process (it took us a month to sort out things on our side, sorry about that!!), very straightforward about pros and cons of each option, and always super quick and responsive with communication. We will definitely call All City Sewer Repair again for any sewer needs, and we're recommending them to everyone. 🙂
Dan Lachance
Dan Lachance
Stop endlessly scrolling through sewer contractor reviews on Yelp and Google; hire David ASAP! David and his team installed a new PVC side sewer in my backyard in October 2022. Previous sewer line was installed in the 60s and was concrete pipe. David was incredibly responsive and took time to answer all of my questions. He would text me updates throughout the process; he always let me know when the inspector was arriving, when his team was coming to drop off materials, etc. His work was top-notch for a very reasonable price. Up-front pricing, so no hidden fees. What you see on the estimate is what you pay, at least in my experience. A competitor offered to install a sewer liner; David’s team trenched and installed an entirely new line for a similar price! I’ll be going back to David for all of my sewer needs in the future. Incredibly impressed!
mitch & emilie peterson
mitch & emilie peterson
Excellent service! Very responsive with communication. Provided updated ETA’s as we were hopeful they could come sooner than planned - and they did! Which is often unheard of. David was also very willing to explain what they were doing and what he would recommend. We had a pretty massive back up which is very stressful, but David and Jimmy immediately went to work and didn’t stop until everything was fixed so that we could use our water again. I really appreciated that they treated our issue as the big deal it was, and not just another job, and that they truly wanted to help us resolve it quickly. It’s nice to feel that recognition. We are very happy and would recommend them to everyone!
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee
David has high standard of quality. He had his crew redo when the work was not to his standard. He paid attention to details on pipe route and connections, even on the clean-up and returning the surface to previous conditions. He installed two clean-outs (upstream and downstream) for us, will make the maintenance easier in the future.
Erin Jajtner
Erin Jajtner
We had a sewer line back up. Several other companies told us it was a collapsed pipe that would require trenching right by our busy street and a utility pole. Some companies even told us they couldn't do it. David came out right away to look at our line. Once he had a camera in the line, he determined it likely wasn't a collapsed pipe. Based on how he analyzed our problem, we could tell he was really thinking through how everything works. Best part: he was able to start the next day! We ended up trenching and replacing a portion of our line that was bellying and shooting a liner to where we needed it. Everything was put back the way we asked, and we are so happy to be able to use our sewer line again!
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo
Stop reading and just hire David. We needed someone to deal with root intrusion into our sewer line. I reached out to more than 6 companies. David has the best price by far. Aside from pricing, David has excellent communication. He let me know well in advance about anything that might affect his arrival time. He also performed high quality work, installing a new two way sewer clean out. I will absolutely hire David again for any future work required.
Jon Halfaker
Jon Halfaker
Dave took the call on a Sunday. He scoped the sewer on Monday, had permits and safety inspection prior to starting work, crew on time, repair and liner as expected, finished work inspected, and ground recovered on time. Provided videos of before, during, and after, and came back to give it one final jet once everything was done. Would highly recommend, especially for older homes like ours from the 1920s.
Sarah Sazama
Sarah Sazama
We are so thankful to have found David with All City and his crew. We discovered serious problems with sewer pipe on the home we had purchased and needed repairs. David did an awesome job explaining everything and really made the process so easy. He’s super nice, hard working and honest. I’d recommend him to family and friends and without question use him again in the future.
Matt Bash
Matt Bash
These guys were very professional,courteouson time. Finished ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend All City Sewer Repair.


1How long will a sewer line last?

How long a sewer will last depends on a number of factors including the pipe material, proximity to trees, etc. If your sewer line is more than 40 years old, it may need replacing. Even if the home is newer, its plumbing may be connected to an older sewer pipe. Even if your home is newer, regular video sewer line inspections are good insurance. By inspecting the pipes for bulges, joint failures, cracks and tree root intrusion, you can prevent a costly sewer line backup and extensive repairs.

2Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line damage and repair?

Most insurance policies do not cover repairs to sewer lines caused by gradual wear and tear. Before problems occur, check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers sewer pipe repair or replacement. Some insurance companies will add a sewer and drain endorsement to your policy to cover losses related to a sewer line backup, to cover damage to your home.

3What causes sewer line damage?

The most common problem with older homes built prior to 1980 is damage from tree roots that have invaded the joints of the pipes. Other causes include acts of nature, accidental damage from digging to close to the pipe, and inevitable deterioration to the pipes over time.

4Can I delay my sewer pipe replacement by cleaning out the pipe myself?

Cleaning out your own sewer line with drain cleaner or a snake or auger may make your sewer line problems worse.

If your sewer line has partially or completely collapsed, pouring drain cleaner down it will not improve the flow of wastewater. Instead, the caustic chemicals will sit in the pipe and dissolve it. This will result in the chemicals penetrating the ground beneath the pipe.

Also, if you turn on the water to flush the pipe after pouring the drain cleaner, the water along with the chemicals can back up, causing the potential for personal injury and additional damage.

If you try to use a commercially available snake or auger that you purchased from your local home improvement store, it may not be long enough to reach the clog. If the clog is being caused by heavy root infiltration or collapsed pipe sections, the auger will not be able to clear the sewer line.

Instead of trying to clear the pipe yourself, it is always best to consult with a professional plumber.

5 What is a traditional pipe replacement?

A traditional pipe replacement involves digging a trench along the entire length of the sewer line. If sidewalks, driveways or other structures are over the sewer line, they must also be excavated. Once the trench has been dug, the old sewer line is removed and a new sewer line is inserted into the trench and connected to the system.

The plumbing company will typically fill in the trench after the work is complete, but the homeowner or business owner is responsible for replacing any sidewalks, driveways and additional structures.

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